5 Free Traffic Tips

By Shantelle Golding

It is a fact that there are thousands of written articles online that can give you free traffic tips for your website or your blog. Some are complicated, some are very easy to do and some may even require you to do some cash outs, which of course you don’t want to do. There are good tips to follow to make sure that you get the right kind of traffic, here is a list of 5 free traffic tips that are crucial to building a good audience online.
Search Engine Optimization
Like anything else finding the right words is vital. Whatever your website is about may it be a blog or you’re selling something exposure is what you need. It’s one thing to be searchable via the major search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing but it is another to be on top of the search list. Targeting the right keywords that people often use to search can help you crawl up on the major list of results.
A lot of companies hire and pay good money for good SEO writers than can spin key phrases and words. Because of these SEO words there is a better chance that you can crawl up your site as among the first results and get more traffic since most people only open the first few choices on a results page. But, you don’t have to pay money to get SEO done on your site; just make sure that the right word tags are used or repeat a certain searchable phrase on a blog post then you can slowly optimize your chances for a better traffic.
Read Blogs and Leave Comments
Here is another technique that can build your online presence, reach out and leave comments, sincere ones at that, on blog posts. Writers love to be recognized and be heard, after creating a rapport with other writers you will be expanding your online social circle and can add up to your regular traffic. You never know they may even write about you.
Keep Linking Out
Make use of social networking sites. Linking out through these networks can drive hundreds or even more traffic to your website or blog. These links can also be shared thus making it easier to spread news about your post or site. Sites like Twitter, Facebook and social sharing sites like StumbleUpon are great avenues to promote your stuff.
Good Content is Everything
One way to make sure that there will be consistent traffic to your website is to have killer content. Whatever your site may be, content should be top-notch. This is what separates sites and blogs from each other. It is easier to get traffic if you do different strategies but it will be effortless for you if your content is something people can be interested in that they will even promote your site to people they know. Research and do the proper work in preparing for the stuff or write up you put out, it will all be worth it.
Be Relatable to Your Readers
There are so many sites only after the traffic to earn more on advertising but some of these sites are impersonal and totally un-relatable to readers. Even if you write about car parts or your site is about photos of plants if people can put a face and relate to the human being running the site – readers and site visitors will warm up to you. You can get your traffic in more ways than one but get your traffic the Right way by creating a good relationship with your readers. Through this they will feel like they know you and they can easily adopt you and your website within their respective online community.
These are simple 5 free traffic tips that you can do to promote your site. There is no need to spend big bucks just so people will visit, just set-up a site where they can come to and relax and be entertained.

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