Article Traffic Secrets

By Mark A. Abrahams

Article traffic generates the highest quality lead of all
the traffic generation methods I have tried. This includes
ppc, ezine advertising, banner advertising and traffic
exchanges. The reason for this is that you have already
established credibility and trust before the visitor has
clicked through to your web site. Now you can think of this
in the following if you were to see an advertisement in a
newspaper or you were to see an article in a newspaper
which source would you trust more. When someone tells you
to buy something you are less likely to follow. Now if
someone catches your attention with an interesting article
you are more receptive to what they are selling on an
unconscious level.
I have found the best way to promote my articles is to do
keyword research on a keyword that receives traffic without
too much competition and write an article related to that
topic. I use the keywords in my title and a few times in
the article and submit my article to an article directory
like EzineArticles. Now when somebody searches on that
specific keyword using search engines then they will find
my article and if it is good enough they will click on my
bio through to my squeeze page.
To monetize your article traffic you need to have a squeeze
page where you offer a free report and capture their name
and email address. This will allow you to follow up with
multiple autoresponder messages related to that niche with
offers that will monetize your list.
If you are on a limited budget article traffic is one of
the best ways to promote your internet business. All you
need to do is to write articles on a consistent basis which
is much easier than optimizing your web site for search
engines, ffa pages, ppc and ezine advertising which may not
yield the results you have been looking for.

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