Blog Traffic Tips and Advice

By Richard Adams

If you are a blogger looking for information on how to increase the number of visitors to your site then you’ll be pleased to hear that there are in fact quite a lot of simple, low cost ways to attract extra visitors.
The first suggestions I would make when it comes to blog traffic tips is to ensure your blog appears in the search engines for important keywords. While we don’t have time to go into every detail here you would be well placed to ensure that you have the free All In One SEO plugin installed if you are using WordPress.
Furthermore, it is important to build links from high quality websites to your own in order to rank well in Google and the like so finding ways to this can be one of the most powerful blog traffic tips available.
One good way to build links to your blog is to write guest posts for other related blogs and stipulate that if the blog owner publishes your article on their site that they link back to your blog from theirs. So you should not only get an additional link to your blog but you will also see a number of their readers coming over to check out your site.
Another great tip to increase your blog traffic is to look for niche-specific directories that you can submit your blog to. So for example if you were running a blog on gardening, you could find directories that list only garden-related websites and submit your own website. You can often do this for free.

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