Blogging Basics: Secrets to Success

By Staz Johnson

If you know what you’re doing, a blog can be one of the most profitable tools on the Internet. The real focus of a blog is to attract targeted traffic that would be interested in a specific niche or product, so you really don’t even need to try to sell anything on your blog. Here are some insider secrets that will help you to be much more successful with your blog:
* Getting Started
The best way to get started is to use a free blog hosting tool such as or LiveJournal to get your blog started. The best part about these free hosting tools is that you can start blogging right away without even having to know anything about blog software, programming or hosting. You also won’t need to spend a lot of time – or any money – maintaining your blog or getting it set up, so all your time can be dedicated to adding relevant, keyword-rich content. However, the biggest plus side to using one of these free blogging services is that if you don’t succeed, you didn’t lose any money because you didn’t invest any into your free blog.
If you notice that your blog is doing well and has the potential to be very profitable, you can then purchase a domain, get an affordable hosting solution and move your blog over to a more professional-style blogging program. Make a final post that says “move” on your free hosting blog and post the URL link to your new blog so you won’t lose your dedicated readers. Once you get your first blog moving along and doing well, you can launch other free blogging accounts and experiment with them until they become profitable too. Be careful that you don’t open more blogs than you can handle – the quality of your first successful blog shouldn’t be diminished by the addition of new blogs.
The niche that you write about in your blog should be relevant to the product, service or other topic that you will be marketing through your blog. Make sure to choose a topic that appeals to you that you think you can write a lot about. Your best choice here is to “write what you know” and choose a topic that you know a lot about or have a lot of resources available that will help you keep the content fresh and original. Don’t choose your niche based upon popularity or how many competitors are in the market, just choose a blog topic that you feel comfortable writing about. The most widely-read and highest quality blogs on the Internet today are the ones that are updated very frequently and have all the best information.
This point cannot be stressed enough – quality and quantity are both important elements. If you keep your blog updated regularly with fresh content your audience will stay interested and the search engines will take notice and boost your ranking accordingly. Regular, relevant updates are absolutely crucial to the continued success and influx of traffic to your blog. Your blogging efforts should be considered a very important part of your daily routine.
If you really want to make money and build relevant traffic to and through your blog, you will need to keep the traffic flowing on a steady basis.

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