Blogging Secrets – How to Get Your Blog Into Technorati’s Top 100

By Fabian Tan

How do the top blogs manage to, well, rise to the top? Let us share some of the best blogging secrets used by these blogs to ensure high visibility.
Fresh and regular content – Whether it’s your website or your blog, you must provide fresh and regular content on them. Much like humans need fresh food on a daily basis for good health and long life, similarly, blogs also need fresh and interesting content (food) on a daily basis. If you can do it on a day to day basis, consider every 2 days.
Broad range of subjects – Humans have a small threshold of patience. They get bored easily. Repetition is a complete no-no when it comes to blogging. One of the best kept blogging secrets is that your blog content should be based on a broad range of subjects. You can blog on any topic from travel to solar electricity to tattoos to garbage photography. However, your blogs should be well-written and precise. Avoid complete fluff.
Some of the most popular subjects for blogging fall under these broad categories.
- Technology – 21%
- General – 20%
- Politics – 19%
- Personal – 9%
- Gossip – 8%
- News – 6%
- Others – 17%
Layout of your blog – A nice logging background and layout are sure eye-catchers. Never mind the content. However, one of the most popular blog colors is white, followed by grey, blue, pink, and black to round of the top 5 color choices. Use easy to read fonts like Verdana, Arial, Georgia, Trebuchet, or Times New Roman.
So go, set a date with your blog!

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