Blogging Secrets – How You Can Blog For Profits and Stay the Course

By Fabian Tan

According to Technorati there are already millions of blogs existing on the WWW and there are thousands of new blogs being created every single day. Given the huge potential of blogging this is hardly surprising. What is surprising however is that there are several blogs being abandoned every day. If blogging is as exciting and as lucrative as it is purported to be, why then would anybody abandon something they had taken the trouble to create?
Obviously, there are some bloggers who are unknowingly making a few basic mistakes. Here are a few blogging secrets that will help you avoid becoming just another “abandoned” statistic.
Choose Your Blog Carefully
When launching your blog, do not make the mistake of choosing a niche only because it is popular at the moment. The problem with this is twofold. For one, because every other blogger will also be trying to cash in on the popularity of the niche you will have to work harder to stay above the competition. Secondly, if this niche is not something that you are really interested in, you are going to have a tough time maintaining your blog in the long run. At some point, you are likely to feel it is not worth the trouble and give it up, adding to the pile of already abandoned blogs.
Be Patient!
Unlike Hollywood, where a “Slum Dog Millionaire” can catapult an unknown face into instant stardom, a blog is hardly likely to gain instant recognition. You will have to work hard at it to be recognized, to build an audience and more importantly, to keep them coming back. This could take months- several months sometimes. Even Heather Armstrong, now one of the most easily recognized women bloggers, started out small. If you want to strike it big in the blogosphere, one of the blogging secrets that will hold you in good stead is to be patient and hang in there.

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