Blogging Secrets That Can Make Any Blog Popular Part III

By Douglas W Guy

For this installment of our Blogging Secrets That Can Make Any Blog Popular Part III, I will be discussing some specifics that you need to have on your blog page. One of the things that I see most people are missing when I visit their site is the about page. If you’re going to get serious about blogging, your readers should know who you are. There should not be any secrets kept from you readers, so tell your story just the way it is, and remember people love cheering on the underdog. One word of caution here… if you are outsourcing your website development, this is one particular area that you want to have complete autonomy over. The last thing you want to happen is to appear as if this someone else wrote this for you. The only thing that will do for you is turn your readers off, and it is likely they will never return. You have one shot at making a good impression, so don’t blow it by having your developer, or ghost writer handle this for you. Even if you feel are not a great writer, no one knows your story best but you, so don’t be complacent, do it yourself!
Create a contact page so after a reader has decided that they like your content enough to let know about it, which it will happen, you want to the ability for them to reach out to you aside from leaving a comment. You would be amazed to know how many people I have talked to that miss this simple thing. The visitors that will choose to fill in their contact information are most likely the people that understand how much time and effort you have put into blogging your unique and interesting commentary. More often than not, these folks will become your hottest leads. When an individual extends their hand in this way, it is highly likely you seem to be an authority in your particular niche. This is what it’s all about here folks. You want people beating your door down to know your secrets, because when this happens, they are already half way to joining your team, and all it will take is your personal touch to seal the deal. It doesn’t get any better than that!
Again, not everyone has a contact page but it is very important that you on not among the sites that are missing this component. It is like the sun is to the flower, because without it, the relationship that you’ve established with your readers to this point will wither and die. Your followers need to know that there’s a real person behind the blogging content, and it allows them to contact you at will. Make sure on the contact page you say feel free to contact me, or ask me any questions you may have. Then just below that add; the best way to contact us is by filling out the form below, and you can expect a response within 24-48 hours: Comments or questions are welcome. Testimonials Are Cool Too! These tips may not seem like magical secrets that will have the internet hordes throwing their information at you, but it works trust me. I have split tested several different wording schemes and what I just gave to you seems to have the best effect, so feel free to use it!
Now that you have put your personality into your design and theme, it’s time to create lots of amazing content. As I touched on earlier this article, there might be some of you that might feel you lack the skills to write good content, let alone amazing content, so don’t panic on me here this is a solution for you.
Just as you are reading this article, you will soon see the kind of success that got you here in the first place with a blog of your very own. As is always the case, I humbly thank you for stopping by, and hope you have enjoyed Blogging Secrets That Can Make Any Blog Popular Part III. This was to have been the last in this series, but I’ve decided to take this a step, or two farther, so be looking for the next installment of this series in an Empire Wealth Builders portal near you!

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