Blogging Secrets That Can Make Any Blog Popular Part IV

By Douglas W Guy

For the last installment of this series, Blogging Secrets That Can Make Any Blog Popular Part IV, we get to the last part of the equation that will help you understand the free blogging secrets you should master to run your home based business more effectively. If, you’re not driving traffic to your site it does not make a hill of beans what your site looks like, or how unique your content is, because no one will know how to find you. Marketing your blog means getting laser targeted visitors to read your posts. Although, there are many creative things you could do to energize your blog, for the sake of keeping this article true to my words, I will zero in on a few specific topics that will help your blog gain in popularity.
Social Media, specifically what I call the Big 4, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Plus, is quite possibly the best way to give your blogging that kick that it has been lacking. In the glory days of social bookmarking, it was okay to post your content to your wall every day, but that approach is no longer effective. Before you run off and start posting tons of links to your content, I want to caution you to treat these venues as a social outlet as opposed to a business forum. Most individuals these days use these sites to share personal messages, useful tips, funny secrets, pictures, music and video streaming. You want to interact with others in the same way, and if all you are doing is posting tons of links, and not interacting with your friends, they will just ignore you. The last thing they want to experience is to feel as though they are still at the office. Trust me on this tip; I made that mistake early on, and now use the soft sell. Be engaging with eyes wide open, and if an opportunity presents itself to display your business in front of them, pull the trigger!
Responding to the comments that are left on your blog is like Christmas in July for a blogger. It never ceases to amaze me how many times a reader will reference my zeal for returning their love. In almost every case that I get a return message from my response, they state they have never found another blogger that makes this a policy. By acknowledging an individual comment with a simple personal response, I have effectively sealed the deal with that individual on some level. From sharing my content with others on up to becoming a part of my winning team, this simple what powerful tactic should be a part of your daily routine. This is one of the best kept, or should I say, most overlooked, and underrated blogging secrets that there is, and is great practice for what I call the “Mother Load” of commenting; Forums!
Forum posting is similar to social networking, but is used by individuals that are interested in a particular niche or interest. The blogging tips that follow are the most missed traffic generation secrets there is, and can elevate the amount of laser targeted traffic to your blog quite quickly. To find forums in your niche, all you have to do is type in your particular niche keyword in front of the word “Forum” and run it through Google. You want to sign up for 3-5 forums in your niche that have at least 5,000 active members of more, and they allow you to use a signature box. Every day, go to each of your forum accounts, and comment on the top 10-20 most trafficked posts. Create engaging, controversial, and unique comments, and watch how fast it improves your overall traffic to your blog. When other readers view your daily comments they will eventually click through to your blog out of sheer curiosity, and if you have done your work well, you will pick up most of these individuals on some useful level for your business. Remember, you must look at each individual as an important business resource for your site. Blog commenting is great for building back links, driving traffic and most importantly, establishing your reputation as a resident expert in your niche. This strategy should take no more than 20-30 minutes to do and if done with consistence daily action will produce great rewards.
There is one other suggestion I have to make in getting free laser targeted traffic to your site; guest post on other blogs in your niche. Many of my readers are individuals that have a blog of their own, and often ask me to post some of my unique content on their blog. Of all the successful blogging secrets I’ve discovered, this was the one that I totally missed for a very long time. What happens here is that you are essentially tapping into another subscriber base that you do not currently have. Prior to posting your first guest blog to any site, look at the content they’re posting. You want to keep your content similar to theirs, but put a creative and fresh spin that will get you noticed immediately. Over time, you will convert a percentage of these readers into loyal followers of your own. If this interests you, you do not have to wait for a reader to come to you Try this; go out and find other blogs in your niche that are already popular, write a post that will be informative and valuable to their readers, and send it off to the blog owner for their review. You’ll be amazed at the amount of individuals that except your content, because that are constantly looking for new things to engage their readers, which is a winning situation for everyone concerned! It has been my pleasure bringing you Blogging Secrets That Can Make Any Blog Popular Part IV, which was the final part of this series.

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