Blogging Secrets – Why You Need to Focus Your Blog on Just One Topic

By Fabian Tan

The more focused and centered that your blog is, the more effective and popular that it will be. This is one of the best blogging secrets that you are ever going to encounter. If you want to create and run a successful blog, then you must create a niche centric blog. If your blog does not have a focus and covers multiple niches and topics, then chances are that you will lose your core readership.
For example, let’s say that you have created a blog focused around your three favorite hobbies: fishing, coin collecting, and parachuting. The chances of there being a substantial amount of people who also enjoy all three of these hobbies is very slim. Therefore, you will lose readers on your blog. People looking for fishing information don’t want to wade through coin collecting articles to find what they are looking for.
You need to center your blog! Consider if you have a blog like the one above, taking each of those hobbies and creating an individual blog for each of them. You will have more success with three blogs like this then with one that features information on all three topics. Additionally, you will most likely receive more website subscriptions.
Additionally, if you use ad revenue programs like Google Adsense, you will be able to target your website visitors with ads that they are more likely to click on. If a coin collector visit’s a blog like our initial example, they may see advertisements for fishing due to the other content on your blog. Therefore, that person is likely to never click on one of your advertisements.
That is why you should take heed of blogging secrets that focus on the centering of your blogs in order to obtain more traffic and to also maintain it long term.

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