Drive Traffic Online – How To Drive Traffic To Your Affiliate Programs

By Adam S Harding

The ability to drive traffic online is what makes the difference between people raking it in with affiliate marketing and those that are literally getting zero results.
So in this article we will quickly go over 3 methods that you can apply today in order to drive traffic online to your affiliate programs. How to fast-track your online success with your new found traffic generation abilities will also be revealed.
1. Drive Traffic With Solo Ads – One of the easiest and most newbie friendly methods of driving traffic online is with email solo ads. There is little skill or ability needed to get this traffic as you just go to a vendor, hand over your money and URL, and watch the clicks come in.
Whilst getting traffic with solo ads is easy, it can be hard to actually monetize your traffic in order to recoup your costs. So always be on the lookout for fresh email lists to advertise to and constantly test and tweak your sales funnels.
2. Article Marketing Traffic – You can still drive traffic with article marketing and it is far from dead as many others may claim.
One of the most powerful aspects of article marketing is to get a high quality article published on a high traffic website in order for instant exposure that way. This is quite tricky however, and you will need to be a good writer and will need to build excellent relationships with other publishers.
But you can also go down the route of free SEO traffic with article marketing. But it is not simply a matter of posting a few articles each day to an article directory and then watching the traffic come flowing in. Nowadays it is about making the most out of each and every piece of content that you write by syndicating it all over the internet.
So publish one high quality article to your blog, and then submit to a range of different articles directories, forums, document sharing sites, and create videos from your content for YouTube.
3. Social Media Marketing – One of the best ways to build a following online and to get people to trust your opinions and thus buy from your recommendations is with social media marketing.
Look to create frequent relationship building videos and blog posts. With the aim not to get free SEO traffic, but to entertain, engage, and educate your visitors. Then share this high quality content directly with Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube.
This content will get you noticed simply by the quality of it, without you needing to be an SEO expert.
Hopefully these 3 ways to drive traffic online has given you some methods to take action on. There is nothing revolutionary or complicated covered in this article, just good solid marketing strategies that work.

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