Generate Traffic – 5 Mistakes To Avoid

By Trudy Edwards

Everyone is looking to generate traffic to their website. And rightly so traffic is the lifeline of your web business. Generating traffic is one of the keys to successful internet marketing.
There is a plethora of strategies one can use to generate traffic. However, there are mistakes that many internet marketers make that sabotage all their efforts to generate traffic.
The following are 5 of the most common mistakes to avoid in order to generate traffic:
1) Not Having a Defined Marketing Plan – Several people I have worked with put a lot of effort into getting their business up and running and then just start doing whatever they can to try and drive traffic to their site. They do not have a defined systematic marketing plan. To be successful take time to write out a marketing plan – list the different traffic strategies you are going to use, then lay out the steps needed to implement those strategies, and then set targeted goals for each strategy,
2) Not Tracking Results – it is imperative to track the results of each traffic strategy to know what is working and what is not. Also, to know what adjustments or changes that need to be made to improve results. It is like a marksman shooting at a target. The goal is to hit the bullseye. After shooting he checks to see if he hit the target and then adjusts his sites to make the necessary correction in order to hit the target.
3) Not Focused – this seems to be huge problem for many. You can get spread too thin and fragmented if you constantly keep trying a new strategy always looking for that elusive perfect traffic system. Do some study and pick out the strategies that best fit your market, budget and style. Stay focused on those strategies and work them. Yes work them. It takes consistent on going work and attention to generate traffic.
4) Poor Links/Images/Graphics – this seems obvious but you would be surprised how many times someone uploads a site without checking the links, images and graphics live on the web. Many times when you check your website in your html editor even in the browse mode the images appear but not when it is published. Check you links, images and graphics live online.
5) Spending Money for Traffic Before Ready – don’t spend money for traffic until you have tested and proven your website works and converts unless you have a large budget and can afford losing money. Let me say I believe in paid advertising. It just needs to be done in the scope of a well thought out marketing plan.
You probably can think of other costly mistakes but if you avoid these and work hard at implementing a well thought out marketing strategy you can generate traffic to your site.

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