Generate Traffic Online

By A. Ng

One of the most important words in the dictionary of an internet marketer has to be the word “traffic”. It is essentially the life blood of all online businesses, without it even the biggest corporations like Google and Yahoo will go bust. Everything that an internet marketer does is attuned to generate traffic online.
From choosing the right keywords or phrases to submitting articles to directories to generate backlinks to the internet marketer’s websites, it’s all about traffic. This obsession has spawned a market of sorts where experienced internet marketers have developed and started to sell their expertise on everyone’s favorite activity to anyone who is lost. Be it coaching programs, membership forums, nifty automated tools, etc. you name it and it will be there in all your favorite colors.
Once a product is ready to be monetized, the Internet marketer will start with the universally recognized Step 1 in the “Internet Marketer’s 101″ guide which is to identify the keywords or phrases. These are what people in the targeted market will use when searching for information on a solution to an issue or problem which the product is designed to resolve.
Next comes the incorporating of these carefully identified keywords/phrases into the domain name and contents of the website.
Thirdly, search engine optimization or SEO for short is carried out to ensure that the website will not only be found but will be ranked highly on the first page of the results produced by search engines. Being ranked lowly or displayed by the search engine on page 219 of a 1000 page result will most certainly guarantee that the person doing the search will never get to the website.
One tactic used in SEO is to submit articles to websites similar to ezinearticles and generate back links to the website in dire need of traffic. The more articles submitted the more back links will be created, this will lead to improving the website’s ranking when the search engine does its search. Being ranked high consistently will ensure that a steady flow of traffic will be directed to the website where sales will be closed and the internet marketer will earn his/her dues for all the hard work put in.
Fortunately for the present day internet marketers, the plethora of products available to significantly reduce the pain required to generate traffic online are simply mind boggling. From keyword search and research tools, automated SEO to article writers and submitters. The internet marketers quality of life has certainly improved markedly since the early days of the industry. Suffice to say, not all the tools out there in the market can produce consistent results. Caveat Emptor is the order of the day when shopping for the right tools. It took me a while but I have finally found which products works for me.

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