How to Generate More Traffic for Your Website!

By Gregory L John

Generating traffic to a website requires work and dedication. Many traffic builders provide service in order to help you generate more traffic but such practices do not work with search engines such as Google or yahoo.
The best method to generate traffic to your website is to have your website listed on the major search engines and optimized with the correct keyword. One quick method to have your website listed and indexed on Google is to register the site with Google webmaster. That does not mean that your website will automatically have a high ranking.
In fact, finding keywords is very essential for the ranking of your site. The keywords that you choose should be well researched and should correspond to your website activity. One good method of finding popular keywords is to use the Google AdWords tool.
You should list at least 10 to 20 keywords, which are used frequently in order to search sites with the same contents as yours. If for example the site is about shopping, you have to find all the possible keywords that people use when shopping online.
You can get some ideas by typing keywords into a search box and see what results you obtain and look at your competitor’s Meta tag to get some ideas.
The page titles and the name of the pages on the website are of much relevance when you want to generate traffic to your website. The pages tell the visitors what your site is all about. Every page should have a different title and it is best to include your main keyword in the title.
Another consideration which must be taken into account and which also helps search engines to rank your site is the internal links between the pages. The most appropriate method to link pages is to use anchor text. Search engines are not very good at reading images or javascripts. A good anchor text should be at least one or two words and should contain a keyword of what the page is about.
Organize your page content to make them “search engine friendly”. A page should have at least one header (H1) and a paragraph. Depending on the content of the pages, you can have H1, H2, and H3 and so on.
Header one is the most important and most search engines do crawl it frequently. It is important to include at least one keyword in your header and one or two keywords in the paragraph. The header and paragraph should give a brief detail about the content of the page. Too many keywords in a paragraph might make the search engines think that it is a spam. For good content, the balance should be of 5% density in keywords that is 1 keyword for 20 words. The footer of the page offers you another opportunity to place additional keywords. Many people use this to place copyrights and the main keywords that they are trying to target.
The main logic behind website traffic generation is to have a website that is properly constructed not only for visitors but also for search engines. Once you have constructed your site, validating the pages of your site is very important. When your pages are validated it indicates that you have followed the correct procedures and search engines would be able to crawl your page properly in order to index it. You can validate your pages by visiting any validation website, which will search through the pages of your website. If any errors are found in the process, the website will generate an html file which will contain the details of the error.
The final thing to do is to publish your website. Once published, you want to make sure that your site has been indexed. One method of having your site indexed is to go to all the search and submit your site; especially the big search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. Another method of getting your site indexed is to add a link from an existing site to your site. The search engine spiders will follow the link to your site and index it.
You can also submit a site map to Google and yahoo in order to get your site noticed. In some circumstances it can take up to eight weeks in order for a site to be indexed.
Driving traffic to your website is all about following the recommended standards and making sure that there are no errors in the pages of your website. Keywords and the way search engines crawl your website are vital when you want to generate more traffic to your website.

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