How to Generate Traffic Through Article Writing

By Bob B. Hamilton

Once an article writer knows how to properly write the articles, the next thing that they’d want is to put them into good use. One of the fields that are proven to be profitable is article writing for the Internet. Today, the articles that are being submitted are now used to generate traffic in a website.
For the article writer web content writing is almost the same as the normal writing styles. However, there are certain standards that make an article apt for websites and internet marketing.
1. Keyword Selection
Web content writing contains keywords. These are words and phrases that must be found repeatedly in the article. The trick with these keywords is by picking the ones that are used by the target readers. You can do this by using services provided online such as Google AdWords when looking for the keywords.
2. Keyword appearance
Ideally, the keywords must appear at the title of the article, the first forty words or at the introduction, at the body of the article and one at the conclusion. This keyword appearance is ideal for a 500-word article. You must be careful when using these keywords. Using too much keywording in an article is often penalized by search engines and article directories.
3. Inserting links
The purpose of publishing articles in the internet is to get the readers interested in a particular topic. Once they get interested, they’d want to know more about the subject. This is where the links come in. At first glance, this is the supplement to the main article. However, the purpose of links in internet marketing is to subtly do advertising and marketing.
4. Submission in directories
Article directories are also good places to publish your article writing. The good thing about these article directories is that it increases the rank of the article when searched in searched engines. In internet marketing, the higher the page rankings mean that the websites are more visible to the readers.
5. Resource/Author Box
The resource or the author’s box has two functions. The first one is to establish the credibility of the article writer. The second one is to direct the readers into the website being advertised.
Following the steps provided will help you optimize your article writing for your website. When the website is search-engine optimized, it has high page rankings. This means more people can view your site. In due time, these high traffic can translate into sales and profits.
To your success as an article writer!

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