Increase Online Traffic – Get Rapid Mass Traffic Without Google

By J Jenkins

Increasing online Traffic should be one of the prime tasks of any webmaster online who is trying to make a business out of his/her website(s). This might be one of the major tasks, but only a few people actually know how to get REAL traffic online and increase it as time goes on.
How Do you Increase Traffic Online?
Before I get in to the details, let me tell you one thing – Online traffic does not come easy. You have to work towards it. You should be doing the same things every day to increase your traffic and these things include getting your word out to the rest of the world about your business. You have to put in the effort in order to get more traffic otherwise your website becomes like a shop without customers.
Nitty-Gritty Details About Increasing Online Traffic
There are several ways to promote your business online. Remember, promotion brings you traffic. You have to promote in some way on the internet in order to get that elusive traffic online. Some of the ways include – article marketing, PPC, SEO, Banner ads and Rapid Mass Traffic Without Using Google. Okay, let’s go over these methods first.
Article marketing:
As the name itself suggests, it means promoting through writing articles. This method involves a lot of work. It requires you to write articles on a continuous basis and get that articles to rank high on the search engines and also on the article directory home pages in order to see any real traffic online. The only good thing about this method is that this is 100 percent free to use.
PPC (Pay Per Click):
This is a paid method to increase traffic online. All you have to do is create certain ads on the ad networks like AdWords, Yahoo SEM or MSN ad network. Then choose some keywords that are getting lot of searches every month and then enter your credit card details in to the system and immediately your ads will be shown to thousands of people searching for those keywords. But the main disadvantage of this method is that it can burn your pockets and also it is highly competitive.
SEO (Search Engine Optimization):
This is a free method of advertising your website. But this is highly competitive in most of the major niches. You can get away with some micro niches, but there is not much money in these niches any way. So, this includes some learning curve before you can increase online traffic to your website. This can be very costly like $100 an hour if you hire an seo company to do the work for you.
Banner Ads:
Well, this might be one of the cheapest means of getting traffic online, but the truth is, you need to know the “how to” of the game. Otherwise, trust me, you’re going to seriously burn your pocket. This traffic is comparatively cheap, but the conversion rate is very less compared to the above methods and also you can lose more money than the above methods if you don’t know what you are doing.
Lastly there is a method of getting rapid mass traffic without using Google. Truth be told, this is one of the hidden secrets of most successful online webmasters. This method doesn’t require ppc, seo, banner ads or any conventional method discussed above to increase online traffic.

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