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By Jeff Knize

Websites Owners Will Get More Overall Exposure
If you need to increase online traffic to your website, you don’t need to purchase traffic to increase your online promotion… Because it can be received for free! Of course, it will come with a price… YOUR TIME!
But if you have more time than money, it may be in your best interest to start grasping a few traffic opportunities. Especially since there are no SEO (search engine optimization) fees associated with working on your site independently.
A WORD OF CAUTION – TIP: If you must hire an SEO Firm to work on your site, be sure they have a solid track record (that is available for viewing) or come recommended by a viable source. Speaking from past experience, an SEO company may promise a particular ranking or traffic increase but the result may never be obtained. And this comes with a price!
It is not as easy as some may claim. If done independently, it will require much learning and time. On the flip side, hiring an SEO Firm can be effective but at the same time costly. Also, it is crucial for you to know what the SEO Firm needs to be doing for you… so you know if they are working efficiently.
Traffic from articles has been a primary traffic source for many internet marketers, affiliate websites and ecommerce website owners. A major KEY to receiving article traffic is understanding the power of KEYWORDS. Keywords are simply searchable terms and phrases that people are keying in a search box on a search engine (Google,etc) while looking for things online.
Targeted Keywords are required for optimal traffic for ranking with articles. For example, if you are selling treadmills and in-particular commercial treadmills, you want to target that. You don’t want to create an article and make the article title: Treadmills.
1) You don’t want to do this because chances are… a single keyword like treadmills, will likely be too competitive (to rank well using an article).
2) The keyword treadmill is not as specific or as targeted like commercial treadmill.
If a visitor lands on a website after searching Treadmills, what will they be looking for? It seems obvious but the KEYWORD is not as targeted as you may think. Visitors will be looking for treadmill parts, treadmill manuals, treadmill tips and many other related terms. The term commercial treadmill is more targeted as it calls out to a specific search term.
To increase online traffic, it is also recommended to do keyword research and find a keyword that is more targeted to your pages. For example, if you had a page about commercial treadmill reviews, then that page would be even more targeted for your visitor. Therefore, when visitors land on this page about commercial treadmill reviews, the visitor immediately finds the page highly relevant to what they are seeking.
KEYWORD TIP: Typically, the longer the keyword phrase, the more targeted the keyword will be.
So now that you have all of this information, you need to use it wisely in order to increase online traffic using articles. Start by creating an article with the Article Title after a KEYWORD — that displays a little bit of search volume. Use a keyword tool by searching KEYWORD TOOL on any major search engine. Start with a small keyword (3-10 searches per day). This will be a confidence builder since smaller searched keywords OR long tail — frequently rank very well in the search engines.
For even better search engine rankings, make the clickable words in the blue underlying link (anchor text) go back to your website… with the same article title keyword that you are trying to rank for. In addition, the keyword title should link back to a web page that discusses the keyword. To increase your conversion rate (website visitors into paying customers) on the webpage, have the same keyword in the title tag of your website. The topically related flow will dramatically improve rankings and your visitors experience!
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