Internet Marketing Secrets – Are There Any?

By Dale Mazurek

Well I have been an internet marketer for about 4 years now. I have always been on the lookout for internet marketing secrets. Just because I have been around for 4 years doesn’t mean I have been making money. Up until 4 months ago I was lucky to make 100 dollars a month and less than that in many cases until I discovered the true internet marketing secrets.
Every guru out their claims to have the ultimate internet marketing secrets. They claim if you buy their product you will get rich very easily. We have all seen the ads. Make 10 000 over the weekend in your pajamas and hundreds of others like that. Well let’s face one hard fact of reality here. If this was so easy to do then why isn’t everyone making all this easy money? Let’s face it the gurus are not there to help you make money but rather to make money off of you.
Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m all about making money as well but mine comes a little slower because of the technique I choose to follow. I to have internet marketing secrets that I’m going to tell you about shortly. You see I will never claim to be a guru because that is a kind of false perception that someone is better than you. Well I am no better than anyone out there so I am just a normal everyday sort of person just like most of you.
So you have read this far and you want me to reveal my internet marketing secrets. Well I don’t know, maybe I should put together a report and sell it for say 7, 11, 20 or even 50 dollars. Well you can put your wallets away because that’s not going to happen. In fact you might be a bit disappointed when I actually reveal the secrets.
OK, are you ready? It’s time to reveal the most important internet marketing secrets.
-Hard Work
-Never Give Up
There you go. Those are my internet marketing secrets. Oh I know you are probably disappointed because you were hoping for the latest breakthrough in internet marketing. Sorry If I let you down but those are honestly what it’s about. You don’t need any fancy gizmos or magical software. Oh sure down the road you may need some tools to move your business along. However these are tools that everyone uses like auto responders, hosting for a website and maybe even some outsourcing.
For now though all you need to do is follow the internet marketing secrets I just revealed and you will be on your way. By using these and staying consistent it is impossible to fail at internet marketing.

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