Internet Marketing Success Secrets – Is There Really A Secret?

By Leon Lioe

If you’re a newbie in Internet Marketing, perhaps you’re still in the process of learning and trying to search for the SECRET of making money online. If you’re an experienced Internet Marketers, perhaps you know that there is NO SECRET in making money online.
There are a lot of HYPE and SCAMS floating on the Net these days. Many of them make outrageous claims, they will promise you that if you buy their products, you will get rich without having to spend much time and effort. Well, if you’re new in Internet Marketing, please DO NOT fall for such claim/promise and don’t take out your credit card no matter how good the persuasion is. Because you’re about to get scammed!
If you’re a serious Internet Marketers and have been working hard for months or even years in Internet Marketing, you know that SUCCESS in Internet Marketing boils down to the following TWO activities (this is the SECRET of SUCCESS in Internet Marketing).
1. Create Quality CONTENT/PRODUCT (this includes web pages, ebooks, videos, articles, newsletters, landing pages, etc).
2. Build Links (in the eyes of search engines, a link that’s pointing to your site from other site means that somebody is giving you a vote or point. If your site has a lot of quality incoming links, it will receive good ranking from the SE because sites that have many quality incoming links are considered to be the Authority or important sites).
You won’t see any success if you just build a couple of pages and links and then go to sleep. You need to perform these activities continuously and consistently for months after months and years after years. Then and only then SUCCESS will come your way.
The SECRET doesn’t sound easy at all, isn’t it? Well, nothing is easy when it comes to making money online!
Of course there are products or tools that can help to speed up your success in Internet Marketing, but don’t be fooled by those products that promise you can make a lot of money without any hard works. Just think logically, if there is really such a product that can make you rich without working hard, everybody you see on the street are millionaires by now. But, in the real world, it’s simply not true. The truth is “you need to work hard or rather SMART to achieve success”.
So, let me repeat… the SECRET of success in Internet Marketing boils down to the following two activities: “create quality content/product” and “build links”. And you need to perform these activities over and over again months after months and years after years. That’s the true formula of success in internet marketing. No two ways about it!

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