Make Money Business Opportunities

By Scott Patterson

Make money business opportunities… These days the Internet is just plain thick with make money business opportunities; you can’t read your e-mail or check the morning news without stumbling over it. Take away the pornography, prescription medicine without a doctor, and blog sites…and about all you have left is make money business opportunities. So let’s dissect these opportunities and see what they are made of.
Your garden variety opportunity should always be viewed as somebody else’s business. There just isn’t anybody sitting around out there inventing new businesses for you to try your hand at. There are, however, people sitting around out there inventing new ways for them to make money; your involvement in the scheme, is usually that of a pawn. Typically, what you have to offer, is some of your own money and any other people you can drag in behind you. If you go searching for this with the notion that you will find any altruism on the Internet, you are likely to find yourself playing the part of a pawn.
Yes, it’s sad but true, make money business opportunities are just that; they are opportunities for the guy who cooked up the business in the first place to make money. That doesn’t mean you can’t make money, it just means you need to make your own business opportunities.
It also doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be searching for “make money business opportunities”. Go ahead and search for that, but view it as an educational activity. Use it to see how other people are making their own opportunities. This all might seem a little bit slimy to you, and much of it is, but some make money business opportunities actually do result in a Win Win situation.
The best example of that would really be better described as a make money job opportunity rather than a business opportunity. A guy creates a website where he sets himself up as a broker for some sort of work-at-home job. People who need that sort of work done go there and “buy” some of that work, and other people can sign up to do that sort of work.
You’re likely to see things like this marketed online as make money business opportunities, when in fact they are simply online job opportunities. It is a business for the guy who sets up the Web site, and certainly he can’t make a business of it without somebody else to come along and sign up to do the work (like you), but still you are playing the part of a pawn. You can learn from this, and you should. Learn how to create your own make money business opportunities.

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