Make Money With SEX – Applying 3 Practical Money Making Tips

By Stavros Georgiadis

Make money with sex has nothing to do with the exact meaning of having sex, although it could! In fact sex stands for the initials of 3 practical ways to make money applying simple steps. So the sex method for making money is sell, enter and x-ray. Lets explain each factor.

Sell goods, products, ideas is the cornerstone of earning money. It is funny that too many get-rich quick programs claim that you will instantly start making money doing nothing. Does the idea of selling stuff frighten you? It should not, as selling goods is a daily task and while in most cases you are the buyer of goods in simple transactions, you can be also a seller if you know a topic or have expertise in a subject you can sell information. You can write an eBook about how to do things , such as how to protect your house from moisture or rust, or how to speak a foreign language and earn cash. With affiliate marketing you have the opportunity to sell various goods and earn online money. So making money is the natural result of selling products and practice can make you a better internet marketer over time. Even online auctions are a great place to practice your selling abilities.

Enter is a very basic key to the keyboard of any computer. Each time you press enter you give a command but most of all you take action. So a very important action to make money is to enter a market and try to get a share of it. It is a very fortunate event that there are too many online markets to target, such as real estate, travel, cars, online shopping, informational products. In most cases there are no barriers to enter any market which is one of the five forces that determine an industry structure both in marketing and in economics. Most people are afraid to enter an online market such as online shopping because competition is fierce. The larger a market the more money potential exists. It is easy to identify with proper keyword research which markets or categories are profitable and have high demand from customers and buyers. A good idea is to search for products that will be in demand for many years to come, such as internet marketing.

X-ray means analyze your actions, steps to identify what works well and ehat is not in your internet business profitability. Like a doctor who sees an x-ray of a patient trying to reach a conclusion of what measures of remedy to take you must analyze your statistics and rankings to increase your web traffic. Do you have time to make your own marketing campaign or will you outsource your business plan to a seo company? Do you have enough of visitors but little sales meaning that you are weak at urging your visitors to take action and make you money? Perhaps you need fresh ideas in your copywriting? Spying your top competitors will give you plenty of ideas of things to test and change or implement on your blog or website. You will also get many brainstorm ideas saving you precious time on generating fresh content and making it better than competition. Internet marketing should be simple, not complex.

So the sex method to make money stands for sell products, enter a market and try to get a portion of it and x-ray or analyze what works well for your website to improve its search engine rankings and traffic. Each ingredient can be easily, immediately applied to help you gain a new perspective and motivation on how to make money.

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