Making Online Money

By Rob V

Online money making for a new affiliate marketer can be an absolute nightmare. There are so many new marketers trying to make money online and 95% of them fail, that’s the figure I’m told anyway. I guess if it was truly easy, everyone would be doing it and no one would be out working in society. It’s a very popular topic and nearly all new marketers start out by trying to sell money making affiliate programs and find out, it’s not easy as it may look.
There are many thousand other topics to promote that will make you money online, but most stick to the online money making field. I don’t get it? I started off with a completely different topic and started making good money from it right away, once I learnt the methods of marketing of course.
On the other hand, a good friend of mine started promoting the money programs and made a big twenty dollars, then nothing, which lead to him giving up completely in the end. I asked him, why money making programs? It’s a very heavily promoted field, and a hard one to rank for. He said, “That’s how I got started”, “I bought a program that told me how to make money online,” “and stuck with money making”. I guess this is the way most new affiliate marketers head when starting out?
Making money online can be done with many other topics to promote, not just money making programs. Yeah, I promote it, but I have good rankings in the search engines, so it’s not that hard to make a few sales. How did I rank you may ask? With this mostly, free traffic system. That’s another topic all together.
I guess what I’m trying to say is, if you are finding it tough making money trying to promote only money making programs, it may well be worth leaving that one alone and trying a whole new topic. Maybe something less saturated. There are plenty of topics that have a high search volume and not swamped with affiliates trying to sell them, this is a smart way to make money online in my opinion. Why promote something that nearly all affiliates are promoting? You’re just making it harder for yourself in the end, unless you are some sort of pro marketer. Are you?
I have found topics that are very profitable and quite easy and cheap to promote, I don’t need to stress too much about the millions of competitors that you’ll find with money making programs. So why should you. Anyway, if you’re struggling to make money with the money makers, try changing your approach, and target something different, it may surprise you. Good luck!

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