Simple Traffic Tips

By Jeremy Harris

There are things that you should remember when it comes to simple traffic tips for your website, and most of them are really nothing more than common sense. If you are going to get the most out of your website, you are going to need to ensure that there is enough traffic heading your way to warrant the amount of work that you are putting into it. If you invest a lot of time on the site, there is absolutely no reason why you should not have a decent traffic flow.
Don’t Bore
It is easy to think that you are doing something right if you are getting some clicks and hits on your site, but you really should want to see a large volume of traffic. This is after all exactly why you placed a site on the web in the first place, because you wanted to reach as many people as you could with what you were offering. Simple traffic tips will always include the bore factor. This means the last thing that you want to do is bore the visitors to death, you want things to be exciting and interesting not stale and repetitive. People are not going to a website to fall asleep, they want to be stimulated. This can be done with a few different techniques, and if you are smart you can actually incorporate many into your site all at the same time.
Leave The Music on The IPod
Simple traffic tips 101 would easily include leaving the music off of your site. People really do not enjoy clicking on a website, only to have to mute their computer because of some ear scraping music. Most people will be listening to their own music as they surf the web anyways, why impose your flavor of music on them if they do not ask for it? By leaving the music off your web site, it will actually award you more points. This is not only the visitors but the scanning bots as well. This will ensure that you will remain within a higher page rank, and that should always be the ultimate goal anyways. Taking a look at professional sites, you will quickly note that they are devoid of any music. This is because it is unprofessional, and really not desired by the viewer.
Kick It Up A Notch
Simple traffic tips means that you are doing what makes sense for your site, and not having to break your back to accomplish it. One of the simplest yet effective methods of raising your traffic count is by using other links to websites on your own site. Even if this means allowing your competition to place their URL on your pages, it shows that you are strong and confident enough to showcase what your competition is. This will generate traffic, and you can be sure that it is because of a quality site, and not because people are accidentally stumbling on your website.

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