Squidoo Traffic Tips – 3 Amazing Squidoo Traffic Tips

By Frederik Smith

It is a good idea that you learn some Squidoo traffic tips to get more benefit from Squidoo .
Most people think that they will get a lot of visitors just by creating a lens.
This is not true you will have to do some efforts.
In the next paragraphs you will discover some great Squidoo traffic tips.
Tip 1: Use long tail keywords.
Actually this is not only a powerful Squidoo traffic tip but also something you must use
if you have an AdWords campaign or doing SEO.
Long tail keywords are less popular, are being searched less and are less competitive.
But actually if people find your site by searching for long tail keywords visitors will be much more targeted.
For example if you have a Squidoo lens about adventure travel you will receive non target visitors.
You will receive visitors who are looking for adventure travel stories, adventure travel books or perhaps they just want some pictures.
Search for this keyword and you will find AdWords ads for it.
So how could we improve this? Well try to be more specific for example “adventure travel in Mexico”.
We are seeing less search results. But we could do it better.
Instead of a country we are adding a region.
Now we have “adventure travel in the Yucatan Peninsula “.
You can be sure if you build a Squidoo lens using the long tail keyword method you will have
much more visitors than someone who is targeting the very competitive keyword.
I think that this is one of the most powerful Squidoo traffic tips.
By the way if you write articles use this technique also.
Tip 2: Join a Squidoo group.
Another powerful but sometimes overlooked Squidoo traffic tip is to join a group.
A Squidoo group is nothing more than a collection of people and lenses with the same interests.
Some people are browning trough groups to find more information about a specific subject.
So would you like to lose visitors simply because you are not a member of a group.
If you join a group make sure you add some value to it.
Sure you can refer to some affiliate programmes or you link but try to build an informative lens as well.
As said before a strong but a forgotten Squidoo traffic tip.
Tip 3: Add an RSS feed to your lens.
It can be hard to update your lens regulary especially if you have a lot of lenses.
Well simply add an RSS feed to your site. This Squidoo traffic tip has 3 advantages.
1) You are providing fresh new content for your readers.
2) Search engines do like new added content so by this way you can get a top 5 ranking for months.
3) People will click on the titles provided by the RSS feed and by doing this you have free promotion for your website or blog.
I hope you have learned something from this Squidoo traffic tip article.
So if you build a Squidoo lens keep these tips in mind. Believe me you will be happy about the results.

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