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MLM Blog Secrets – A Must-Have Blogging Course For Network Marketers

By Patrick Pressoir

Ty Tribble has teamed up with Ann Sieg to launch a new blogging course called the MLM Blog Secrets. This course will be released June 15th and is sure to be a hit because it caters to a specific need. It is designed both for those who are new to blogging and want to get started (the right way) and also has an add-on module for the more experienced bloggers to help them achieve more significant traffic and results.
If you are not familiar with Ann Sieg, she is known as the Renegade Network Marketer and founder of the Renegade System. She is an extremely savvy businesswoman who has rapidly built up an empire, based on the use of the internet. She definitely filled a void with the launch of the Renegade System and judging from the way this partnership with Ty Tribble came about, you can bet she is doing it again. But, Ann doesn’t operate on gut feel, she measures and analyzes to make informed decisions. So she decided to measure to see if there was in fact a need for this course and also, to determine exactly what that need was.
With a background in process improvement, I take great interest in surveys and statistics. I always teach about taking statistics in context because we often hear numbers thrown about, in media and in our daily lives, that are out of context and that can lead to false conclusions.
So it was with a certain degree of anticipation that I checked out Ann’s survey results and some of the conclusions she made based on those results.
Okay, so here is the context:
This survey was sent to people on Ann’s list and was responded to by more than 3500 people. Knowing who Ann Sieg is, you would think that people on her list would be Network Marketers,right? Wrong. Fully one quarter of the survey respondents aren’t even in MLM! This is a good thing because you don’t want to only have one type of sample in your survey population unless of course, it is only that sample that you are interested in. So, with that many people responding, you have a large enough sample to make some pretty founded conclusions.
And now, some of the insights that came out of this survey;
a. A majority of people (63%) are currently online and using the internet to build their primary opportunity, but they are not having much luck with it.
b. People generally prefer online streaming video training over any other means of training (48%).
The MLM Blog Secrets course will cater to these needs perfectly because not only will it demonstrate and teach, step-by-step through streaming video, how to create and blog effectively, but it will also help the students by providing an affordable and proven method to get online and generate leads.
A course on blogging has never done all of these things. In essence, Ty Tribble’s MLM Blog Secrets blogging course will connect the dots to make it really clear how to build a Network Marketing opportunity, or any other business, for that matter.