Top Ten Blog Traffic Tips

By Ryan M Shaw

Here are the top 10 ways I used to build up my own personal traffic on my blog websites. Take the time to learn each way effectively and you will be on your way with consistency and perseverance.
#1 – Great Content – This is number one for a reason. This is the reason people come to look at your site, not for the fancy graphics or the fact that you are great at doing 10 posts a day. I recommend having 5 – 10 blog article posts that are 300-1000 words , have pictures, perhaps video and that are targeted for a certain market. This leads me to the second one.
#2 – Keyword Research – You need to find terms that have 200+ searches a month. Use Google’s keyword tool to find terms in your niche. Make sure it’s the exact term and not broad. Also go to Google search and type in this : intitle:”keyword” . This will give you the number of pages that are optimized for that keyword. Usually you want less than 1000; if you are very good at SEO, no more than 2500. Next, write your article about this keyword term. After writing it, go back and make sure you have that keyword term in the title and header tags and in the content a couple times. Usually around 3-7% of all the words on your page.
#3 – Forums – Get on forums in your niche and communicate! Find forums that are do follow such as warriorforum and digital point forums and have a signature with your blog. From time to time, post up your latest blog post if it’s relevant and start up a conversation in forum.
#4 – Article Writing – Take your blog posts, and write an article around that keyword. Get them up on article websites and link back to your site with a keyword you are ranking for on Google. An example, is this article. Although this content is not on website, it will link back to my blog that has posts related to the subject of blog traffic.
#5 – Social Media – Connect with people in your niche on Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace. I have driven a ton of traffic from these sites.
#6 – PPC – If you have monetized your blog, you should be able to use PPC to drive traffic and turn a profit. This is only for the very advanced bloggers.
#7 – Solo Ad – This is also a pay ad that costs from $5 – $100 and will allow you to submit an email message to their email list. Again, learn how to do it first before throwing your money away.
#8 – Blogs – Post on other people’s blog and they will likely look at yours.
#9 – Social Bookmarking – Digg, Mixx, Propeller, Stumble This, Digg, and Blink! Get on there and post up your site. You will find mine there! This also helps you in the search engine rankings.
#10 – Ping and Search Engine Submission – Use and submit your blog to as many blog engines are search engines as possible.
OK, hope this helps to get started. Take a look at some of my articles for more blog traffic tips.

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