Traffic Online Using Direct Marketing Strategies

By Tayo Binuyo

The best way to drive traffic online is to incorporate direct marketing strategies in your marketing campaign. The ultimate idea is to have your traffic take action such as buying your product or service online.
The best way to do this is to make sure you have a specific action you want your prospects to take in order to bring them along in your sales process. A good example of this is to ask them to download a free report or listen to an audio you recently created.
The process is known as a “call-to-action” where you are asking your prospects to take a specific action so that you can further communicate with them while they are online. You want to also make sure your traffic is properly targeted so that they will want to take your call-to-action.
Direct marketing strategies to drive traffic to your website would include methods such as pay-per-click and content marketing. These methods are very direct and are able to reach out to the group of people that are most likely to take action such as purchasing your product or service.
They target the group of people that already online looking for more information about your product or service, it becomes the perfect opportunity to reach out to these people and show them that you understand their needs and wants.
The idea is to then incorporate a strong call to action with this type of marketing so that you prospects will eventually reach the end of your sales process where you make the sale.

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