Traffic Secrets – How Much Do You Need to Make Six Figures?

By Jason Nyback

When it comes to getting traffic to your website everyone wants to know how many visitors they need a month before they can expect to earn six figures a year in their businesses? I want to show you the answer to that question right now.
Secret #1:
Realize that it is less about the amount of traffic you need and more about your ability to get your visitors to buy more from you.
If you’re selling a $27 eBook and driving traffic to your offer with Google AdWords, your going to have to get an insane amount of visitors to your site to make a profit.
The reason is that you’re selling something that is too cheap & your buying traffic that is going to eat away at your profits.
Also, you can only sell so many of the visitor’s one cheap product!
Most of the people who see your offer are going to leave and not want to buy it.
Secret #2:
You have to realize that it is about getting the traffic & then getting them to buy hundreds of dollars worth of valuable products from you.
I know this sounds hard, but it is easier to figure out how to get your visitors to buy more from you then it is to keep getting more and more traffic. That is more risk and will cost you more money.
So, get some traffic and then work really hard at giving them value so they will invest a lot with you. That is the fastest way to hit your goals.

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