Traffic Tool – Free Website Traffic

By Greg T DeMario

A traffic tool that produced free website traffic was something that I desired when first starting online as an internet marketer. I was in search of that magic pill or formula that would pull traffic to me like a magnet. When it comes to online marketing, you’re not going to find a magic button but you will find that everything is everywhere.
In time, I found that such a magic pill was not to be found and the many methods of driving traffic are so plentiful online that one can easily get confused before they begin. The main thing about online marketing is traffic because without it, you’re not in business. I spent thousands of dollars to educate myself on finding the answer to driving traffic and making it as a successful internet marketer. I wanted that marketing edge or that one thing that would push me over to the land of milk and honey.
I found that allot of this information being sold online was the same stuff but just repackaged. Do you need to spend tons of money online in order to be successful? I don’t believe that you have to spend the kind of money that I did but knowledge has it’s place. I could have learned on my own which would have taken longer so the cost was actually worth it to me as it cut my learning curve in half.
That free website traffic that people seek is real and it’s called seo marketing and can be complicated for some. A traffic tool is certainly something that you can find online but to depend on it for the life blood of your business is a mistake. These tools are merely just that, a tool and nothing more. I don’t believe that such a tool can be found that will be the answer to your traffic needs long term but a traffic tool can be extremely helpful.
I have seen some traffic tools that allow you to automate your marketing so as to have more time doing other things and not doing all the tedious work yourself, but you never can take yourself out of the equation entirely. If you’re searching for a traffic tool that can drive free website traffic to you, then keep searching. I have found some great tools and created my own but it all comes back to you.
You have to use the information, product or tool in order for it to work. You will never find anything that will completely automate your business outside of outsourcing your work but that is a topic for another day. If you really desire that tool that can give you the edge when it comes to your online marketing endeavors then you will always be looking. You will always be seeking and you will never be satisfied, find what works for you and stay with it.
Find something, anything that works for you and focus on it. You don’t need to know everything about marketing and you don’t need to know every single marketing method out there. Don’t be a master of all because this will turn you into a master of none. I have seen plenty of people who looked like a deer in headlights. When people focus on to much then they tend to do very little.
Make it easy, keep it simple and don’t buy every traffic tool, method or course out there that has to do with internet marketing. The hardest part is in the doing and the rest will take care of it’s self. I hope this helps, because everything is not for everyone but something can be right for you.
“I would much rather do something and fail that nothing and succeed”

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