Underground Traffic Secrets Review: Traffic Generation Experts Reveal Their Secrets

By Christopher Mollo

I don’t know about you, but traffic generation is a constant thorn in my side. Honestly, I think it’s the biggest hurdle that any Internet Marketer faces when in the race to success.
I subscribe to a number of other marketer’s lists and I receive several emails each day, all of which I open to learn about new products and potential traffic generation tactics that I can use to increase my own business.
I opened an email yesterday, clicked the link, and ended up on the sales page for a new audio product called Underground Traffic Secrets. The headline immediately caught my eye. In a nutshell, it explained that the product creator, successful marketer Phill Turner, interviewed 12 leading traffic generation experts and posed the same question to all of them – “If you were starting again today and you had absolutely no traffic, which traffic strategy would you use to make $1000 in profit after 30 days? What would you do?”
This immediately peaked my interest because this is information that can seriously benefit any Internet Marketer – especially one who is need of serious amounts of traffic! The names of some of the experts that had their brains picked was impressive.
It included the highly successful “Queen of Traffic Generation” Kim Roach as well as Phil Henderson, James Watson, Daniel Wagner, and James Shramko – all very BIG names in the online marketing world. The $7 price tag (now $17) was also right, so I decided to take the plunge.
After completing my purchase, I received my lifetime membership and my password and proceeded to log in to the private members area. The members area contained links to download all 12 interviews on MP3, as well as listen to them online. I chose the latter and dug in with a nice cup of coffee, a pencil, and a writing tablet. The information was absolutely INCREDIBLE! The Kim Roach interview alone was worth the price tag! It lasted more than 35 minutes and contained some very powerful traffic tips, most of which I haven’t even had time to try out yet.
However, targeted traffic is already pouring in from two of her tips that I have implemented! Each of the 12 interviews was equally powerful. I particularly enjoyed listening to Maksud Rahman, who detailed some highly effective article marketing strategies. Since article marketing is near and dear to my heart, I found his tips highly fulfilling.
Overall, I really enjoyed Underground Traffic Secrets and in my opinion, it’s one of the few info products on the market today that not only delivers on it’s promises, but over delivers! It’s one of those products that will actually make you feel bad for passing it up!

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