Video Creation Strategies For Your Online Marketing

By German Calvo

What is there online, right now, that is hotter than video? Even text-based media is declining at the moment because the video explosion since 2005 continues without an end in sight. Since memory is cheap now and digital loading speeds keep surging forward ever so fast, video is here to be used more and more in our lives to help us in so many ways other than entertaining us. In the online business especially, it is so important to have clear video creation strategies for your online marketing.
Top video-based sites now are gaining a lot of traffic online from the text media like books, newspapers and magazines to an extent that they are very powerful search engines in their own right. You can search for anything you can think of in these video sites to find answers for everything you are interested in.
That is why you must create strategies online to take advantage of the sheer amount of traffic that you can have from video marketing. Making videos to promote your programs or products, or anything else for that matter, can be a very effective and profitable way to do marketing online.
Clearly then, the purpose of using video in your marketing is to translate viewers into leads and ultimately into customers. Or you can use it for getting a lot of traffic or to rank higher in the search engines. Imagine you use a target keyword on which you make a video for and submit it to YouTube and end up in the first page of the rankings in Google. That alone can generate a lot of sales for you.
If you do that consistently, not only you benefit by getting more business but also by being perceived as an expert in your field. This expertise will place you as someone who knows what you are talking about since your video creation gets results more often than not.
When that consistency happens is because you have created a quality video and submitted it properly and have done the correct marketing promotion. These three qualities are essential for bringing in more eye-balls to your offers online, to increase your sales and revenue in your business.
Do you have to create videos yourself? Not really, but it would be a great asset for you to learn how to make a targeted one. Think about it, you can brand yourself by appearing in your video or just let your voice be heard on it, if you are too shy to be in front of the camera. Your viewers then will get to know you, like you and trust you more than if you outsource their creation and have voice actors or even worse, with only music in it.
You can make a video with a variety of devices now, video cameras, smart phones, tablet devices, webcams etc. With them you get live action pictures that you can upload to your PC. What is best to shoot? Preferably ‘live action’ videos which the viewers like most, so the devices mentioned are best for that and will help them getting viral as well.
If you feel that is difficult to be in front of the camera or to speak to it, just consider talking and looking straight into the camera and imagine you are talking to any of your friends of family members and looking into their eyes, which is what you do daily. Remember that most of the time you are looking into one of their eyes really so there, imagine that ‘one’ is the eye of the video camera. You’ll soon get used to it.
Making videos on your computer requires the use of software. Some of the best in use daily are Power Point from Microsoft and another one is Camtasia. With these two, you can do slide show style presentations with static images to which you can add music as well, by the first, before exporting them to video, or the same thing plus the recording of actions on your PC with the second.
Not sure you feel comfortable with the above methods? You can outsource the video production to somebody else, and at very reasonable rates in a few sites online dedicated to this. Just do a search online to find plenty of information on this topic.
On some niches it will not be so easy to find others to make videos for you, but on others, it is very easy to get somebody to do a screen recording for you.
The cost of outsourcing varies a lot. You can get a simple screen-recording done for $5 for you in or you can spend thousands for higher ‘live action’ quality recordings with actors and voice. Use the forums as well to find suitable people to help you with your video creation.
Once you have the videos, you need to submit them to the video-sharing sites. You need to have them made or you make them yourself to cater for a specific keyword. This is to help you getting more traffic to them from the video-sharing sites as well as the search engines.
And now the priority for your videos once submitted, is to make them do something for you or getting you more viewers, more customers, more sales more expertise. It is no good making them without those goals in mind. We now enter the marketing of them. Take a lot of care of avoiding too promotional techniques because people may lose interest in them. Be subtle about your marketing.
You can either place your URL in mall text, for the entire duration of your video, at the foot of your production, or use your URL in large text for a few seconds at the end, on a blank white screen. Or speak your URL at the beginning/ending of it or simply add a link to your site in the description.
Use the above methods together for greater effectiveness. Then make use of the ‘call to action’ to get the specific response from your viewers which must be a visit to your site, giving them a compelling reason to do so by offering them a free report, coupon or taking them to another relevant video.
The thing to really remember now is that marketing is not enough. You now have to promote the videos you created. For this you have so many avenues you can explore.
Now that Facebook is gone so big, allowing marketing and promotion in their pages, it is a perfect place to start promoting your material. Ask your friends to view them and make them tell their friends to see them too.
While you see videos online about the niches that interest you, take this opportunity to respond with one of your own that agrees or disagrees with the main point or target keyword the video is about. Post yours as a direct response to their video and see a boost in your traffic straight away.
Use social bookmarking sites to increase the views of your videos especially when they are good enough for other people to vote for them. For this search for a recommended social marker site and bookmark your videos.
Don’t forget Twitter if you have followers there to tweet every time you submit a video and see your viewers go up in numbers.
There are also the forums. If you use them or are a regular contributor to them, place a link to your videos in your signature again to increase viewers if you are well thought of there.
With the strategies mentioned above and your taking action on them, you will be on your way to getting success with video creation for your marketing online and thus boosting your sales, expertise and wealth online.
German Calvo

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